Meditation Programme

Introductory Meditation Classes – Monday evenings 8pm 9.30pm

This is an evening for people who wish to learn about meditation and other practices associated with meditation such as mindfulness and a more spiritual way of living. Courses consist of 5 weekly classes usually held on a Monday evening at different periods throughout the year.  The next beginners’ course will start in the Autumn 2016.

Regular Meditation – Wednesday evenings 8pm to 9.30pm

This is an evening for those who wish to meditate on a regular basis.  Those who enjoy meditating with a group or those who find it hard to meditate on their own at home or those who don’t have the space or the quietness at home.It does help if you have attended one of our beginners courses first or have meditated before, but it is not essential. Anybody is welcome.                     People on holiday or just visiting Jersey are also very welcome to come along.

Why not come along and get the energy and benefit of meditating with a group